RaceChip® Chiptuning – Chronicle

The developing team of RaceChip has been working in Chiptuning for 18 years. Take a look into the cores of our modules – we have nothing to hide. Because one thing hasn’t changed the last 18 years: our high standards of quality.

2012 | RaceChip® Ultimate is launched

Detail view of the RaceChip Ultimate After a laborious testing and developing period we are proud to present our latest Chiptuning innovation in 2012. Due to the most state-of-the-art modules and newly developed software the RaceChip Ultimate achieves even more improved performance output and response characteristics.

2011 | RaceChip® Ultimate is tested

2010 | RaceChip® Ultimate is developed

2009 | New: ATMEL Processors in the RaceChip® Pro

2008 | 1. Pump-Nozzle Chiptuning Module of RaceChip®

2007 | Common Rail Digital module in the smallest casing

2004 | RaceChip® uses radio for switching on and off

2003 | Engine performance is optimized in real time for the first time

2001 | NEW: SMD Technology for pump-nozzle electronic

2000 | 1. RaceChip® module for Common-Rail is ready for serial production

1999 | 1. Tuning module with individual performance adjustment

1998 | Change from resistance tuning to Chiptuning

1997 | Last series production basing on resistance tuning

1994 | Classical resistance tuning is state-of-the-art technology