Installation of a RaceChip Chiptuning Module

RaceChip® Ultimate with packaging and installation guide

Installation of a RaceChip® module is dead easy. No matter which of our three Chiptuning modules you choose. Usually, it only takes you 10 – 15 minutes, without special tool and without any engine vehicle knowledge. You just have to connect the RaceChip® module with the engine and the engine control device via two plugs. Fix it with the cable ties that come with it. Your driving pleasure can start right away!

Installation Manual and Pictures

Along with your RaceChip® Chiptuning module you get the matching installation instructions. Depending on the type of engine, you get one either for Common-Rail, Pump-Nozzle or Turbo Petrol engines. Upon request, we would be pleased to send you additional pictures of your car’s engine compartment. This could make it even easier for you. Please just get in touch with our technical customer service.

Also our RaceChip® Supportcenter provides answers to frequently asked questions in terms of installation.

You find a collection of our installation videos for different kinds of vehicles on our Youtube channel.

Chiptuning Installation in only a few Steps

Before installing the RaceChip® Module

When installing your RaceChip® the residual current must not flow any longer. Therefore, switch off the engine first of all. Open the engine bonnet. Lock your vehicle then. Now, wait for about 5 – 10 minutes. Start installation then:

Installation in 6 Steps

Loosening and removing of the engine cover 1st Step

Loosen and remove engine bonnet.
Finding the connecting options 2nd Step

Localize the connection options.
Loosening of original plug and connection of wire harness 3rd Step

Loosen the original plug.
Connect the matching RaceChip plug of the supplied cable harness to the original plug.
Checking of check plug 4th Step

Check the installation of the cable harness by means of the supplied control plug. (Only RaceChip® Standard)
Connecting of RaceChip® module 5th Step

Connect the RaceChip module to the matching plug of the cable harness.
Fixing with cable ties 6th Step

Fix the cable harness and the RaceChip Chiptuning module to the supplied cable ties in the engine compartment.

Hint: This is an installation instruction in brief. The detailed one comes with the consignment! Detailed video tutorials about the installation are also available in our video data base.