RaceChip Response Control – Optimize the response characteristics of your vehicle.

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Optimized response characteristica,
immediate throttle response

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6 specially designed settings

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2 sco settings for fuel efficient driving

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For all engine and transmission types

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Easy Do-it-yourself installation

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You always wanted to adjust the response characteristics of your vehicle to your individual needs and haven’t been happy with the default settings of your vehicle?

Our team has developed a tailor-made solution for you: RaceChip ResponseControl.

RaceChip ResponseControl offers 6 specifically designed settings for the response characteristic of your vehicle.

Using our 4 sports settings you can gradually increase the responsiveness of your throttle until you reach the response characteristics of a full-blooded sports car, ideal for pure driving pleasure on twisting roads. In addition, the 2 eco settings allow for a more comfortable calibration of your vehicle’s response characteristics compared to the default settings. These eco settings are helpful when driving in denser urban traffic to drive in a more fuel efficient way, for example.

And just with the push of one button you can put your vehicle into the manufacturer’s default settings again. However, we are convinced that you will not make use of this option anymore, once you have discovered your favorite settings amongst the RaceChip ResponseControl settings.

ResponseControl does not change the power and torque figures of your car, but instead enables you to access its performance instantaneously. Launching and accelerating your car feels much more spontaneous when using one of the 4 sport settings. Or you can use the 2 eco settings to drive comfortable and save fuel at the same time.

In combination with our chiptuning products you can feel the increased performance without any delay. However, ResponseControl also works perfectly on its own without a chiptuning product installed. Of course your driving experience can be further improved by a combination of both products.


RaceChip ResponseControl operating mode

The ReponseControl control unit is connected to the sensor of your cars electronic throttle. As a result, the signals of the engine control unit (ECU) can be monitored and improved, depending on the setting you’ve chosen. And because RaceChip developed a vehicle-specific software for ResponseControl, we can guarantee the quality and technological sophistication which you’re used to with our chiptuning products.

By means of the 6 settings shown on the user interface, you can individually adjust the response characteristics of your vehicle. In case RaceChip ResponseControl is switched off, your vehicle is back in the default setting from the manufacturer.

The interactive control panel on this page allows you to test the six RaceChip ResponseControl settings. You will see the specific effect of each setting on the responsiveness of your throttle in the box on the right hand side:

Test the settings of the ResponseControl with the interactive control panel below:

Program: Eco II

In Eco II, the responsiveness of your vehicle, respectively throttle, is moderately reduced.

This further increases the fuel saving potential compared to Eco I, as, in Eco II, you often drive with even lower revs. Hence, Eco II is tailored to urban stop-and-go traffic.

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Is the usage of RaceChip ResponseControl legal?
Will the manufacturer’s warranty be affected by the installation of RaceChip ResponseControl?
Can I carry out the installation myself?
Is the insurance coverage maintained?
Can I use ResponseControl standalone without a Chiptuning product?

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In which way differs RaceChip ResponseControl from RaceChip chiptuning products?
Does RaceChip ResponseControl affect the lifetime of the engine?
Why do manufacturers not equip vehicles with better response characteristics in their default settings?
Is there a warranty for RaceChip ResponseControl?

Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation

The RaceChip ResponseControl installation can be carried-out without any special tools or technical background knowledge within a couple of minutes by yourself.

Please ensure before the installation that the ignition of your vehicle is turned off and wait for 10 minutes before installing RaceChip ResponseControl.

1 | Loosen throttle (if required)


3 | Connect Y-adapter and module


5 | Connect disconnected wire harness of your vehilce with Y-adapter


7 | Switch the module on and make sure it works in the intended way


2 | Remove original plug from the throttle sensor


4 | Connect Y-adapter and throttle


6 | Fix RaceChip ResponseControl at a suitable place


8 | Enjoy the new driving pleasure


First module with 2 eco settings for fuel consumption reduction

RaceChip Response Control is the first module to optimize the response characteristics of your vehicle that includes two eco settings, specifically designed to allow for a more comfortable ride and a reduction in fuel consumption. Compared to the manufacturer’s default settings, the responsiveness of the throttle is slightly reduced and thereby a more comfortable and economical ride achieved.

RaceChip ResponseControl is the perfect add-on to our chiptuning products

Driving pleasure and dynamics are absolutely crucial for you? In this case, we can offer you the perfect package. RaceChip ResponseControl is the perfect add-on to our chiptuning products RaceChip, RaceChip Pro2 and RaceChip Ultimate. The improvement of the response characteristics of your vehicle harmonizes in an excellent way with the performance improvement achieved through our chiptuning products.
The combination of the two will provide you with a maximum level of driving pleasure. In case you use our chiptuning products for fuel consumption reduction, the two eco settings of our RaceChip ResponseControl will further support this effect. I.e. our RaceChip ResponseControl is the ideal add-on in such cases as well.

For all engines and gear boxes

RaceChip ResponseControl works perfectly with all engines and gear boxes, comprising diesel and gasoline engines, and manual and automatic gear boxes. The module is directly attached to the throttle sensor, i.e. there is no direct interference with the engine or gear box. By changing the default characteristic line of the throttle sensor, the responsiveness of your throttle is increased (or, if you switch to the eco settings, decreased).

No MOT certification required

With RaceChip ResponseControl you can significantly increase the driving dynamics of your vehicle or achieve a reduction in fuel consumption. All of this can be achieved without directly interfering with the performance figures of your car or any constructional changes (RaceChip ResponseControl can be linked to the throttle sensor in just a few, simple steps). Hence, RaceChip ResponseControl is not subject to MOT certification and can be used immediately after the installation.

Easy Do-it-Yourself Installation

RaceChip ResponseControl can be installed within a couple of minutes by yourself. The installation routine follows the plug & play principle, which all our products are based upon. In order to support you during the installation procedure, you can find an illustrated installation guide in the shipment together with the module.
And in case you have any further questions, you can always get in touch with our comprehensive customer support. You can find further information on the installation towards the bottom of this page.

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